Virtual Assistant

I help small businesses with the details. I help keep things moving smoothly and stay on track. Feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list and would like to help get organized? I have experience in administrative tasks, i.e. documentation, email templates, content creation, phone calls, scheduling, research, and outreach. I am dedicated and committed to continually improving my skill set. I hope to work to assist you on your own personal business journey.


To find clarity in my goals, I decided I would need to change my mindset. I was stuck, confused, overwhelmed, and all-around disappointed that I had all of these great ideas, but fear was holding me back from making them a reality.

I am changing, but I know that two things have been my excuse for not moving forward: too many ideas and financial responsibility. I am passionate about both of these topics, and am excited to dig in deeper and share with you all what I am doing to change my outlook on both of these topics.


I am now able to start working with pro-bono clients, and I am incredibly excited! Soon I will have a form for you to fill out, and I cannot wait to make these strong connections with clients in 2019!


Join me in my virtual book club! We are just getting started, and I hope this turns into a place of sharing our favorites, creating meaningful conversations, and trading our favorites!

I will be starting the #unreadshelfchallenge in 2019, as I aim to de-clutter and scale back.