Weekend in Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is one of my favorite places. I got to check out new areas this trip, campgrounds, stops in the park and even got to stop in to my favorite brewery, Backslope Brewing in Columbia Falls ~ 20 minutes from West Glacier. I HIGHLY recommend one of their bowls and their Golden Ale.

Cut Bank Campground, Glacier National Park

Cut Bank Campground, Glacier National Park

Cut Bank Campground, Glacier National Park

Cut Bank Campground, Glacier National Park

St. Marys Lake, Glacier National Park

St. Marys Lake, Glacier National Park

St. Marys Lake, Glacier National Park

St. Marys Lake, Glacier National Park

Cut Bank Campground, Glacier National Park

Cut Bank Campground, Glacier National Park

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What Is Being Multi-Passionate All About?

Being multi-passionate is recognizing that you will never choose to be just ONE thing in this life. It's the feeling that you've switched majors multiple times in college. The feeling that maybe this isn't ALL that I want my life to be. Feeling drawn to several different subjects, but not understanding how they could possibly all connect?

Well, that's me, like I'm sure so many others, and I battle with the desire to be way more than just one thing. I go from being extremely involved in a number of things to limiting myself to a few, and honestly, I'm still figuring out this balance of "having it all."


Here's the thing, I feel exceptional overwhelm when I am not BEING certain things, but I feel that way because I don't WANT to be those things. I often feel so overwhelmed being "multi-passionate." I don't know what that entails or what my next move will be. All I do know is that I want to help others feel PRESENT.

I enjoy staying busy, and having multiple projects, but I feel fearful of being a failure and if I keep trying new things and falling short, it is just a continued cycle that I cannot break. This is where I am right now, working on my self-awareness of this fear and breaking the cycle.

Things I've thought about becoming: Florist, Calligrapher, Artist, Horticulture Therapist, Website Developer, Creative Director, etc. 


I could go on, but I'm finding in due time, that I've sort of forced my hand at being a number of these things. Letting the fear of my own knowledge and power dictate where I want to end up. Yes, I want a BIG life, but when it comes down to the details, I'm like so many others - I want to help others feel good in their skin.

I'm scared to figure out exactly what this means. I'm scared of wasting time, effort, and money. I'm scared no one will see me as more than a fraud, which I sometimes feel I am. I'm not different than most, so why should I be allowed to play into all of my interests?


I suppose it plays into my own self-awareness of seeing myself for what I am, multi-passionate. I'm excited for the future, I'm hopeful, I feel a sense of power in where I am headed. I'm thankful for NOT being perfect and realizing so.

I'm working a job I never expected of myself, but it's teaching me humility and patience. I'm taking time to figure out how to be a better mentor and to connect with those who feel similarly. I'm working on my own well-being and consistency. 

Here I am, working on being happy, not necessarily successful in what society deems, as being so. Right now, I'm Kristen. Mentor, Life Coach in training, GIS Technician, Writer, Reader, Avid Hiker, Gardener Wanna Be, Simple Living Advocate and most importantly Human.

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Movin' to Montana

Can't sum up the past week better than with a listen of this song. This move has been quite relaxed, even with filling both of our cars and a Uhaul trailer to the brim and traveling North 10 hours and hundreds of miles later.

Montana is what we thought we were getting in Colorado when we moved from our home state of Michigan. Big sky, lots of room to explore, fresh air, and a laid back lifestyle. Though we learned A LOT about ourselves and each other in Colorado, Montana is what we always desired when we headed west for the mountains.


Already, we have purchased kayaks, Kurt has a job lined up, I'm interviewing, and the house is mostly unpacked. While we ACTUALLY prepared to leave Colorado, unlike when we left Michigan, it just has been so easy-going, unlike when you enter Denver and C-470 and I-25 meet, holy traffic batman.

I feel at ease here, something my mind hasn't felt since I left home for college, 7 years ago, um..where has the time gone?

With this move, I'm already seeing an energy that had been lost for so long. My mentality is positive, my confidence is high, and I am ready to "make something of myself." Not that I haven't been successful, but for so long I have desired to be successful on my own terms.


To me this means, more quality time with Kurt, friends and family. It means more self-reflection and love, taking care of my needs not without thinking of others, but focusing on pouring into myself before I can give back. It's about spending time outdoors, facing fears, and trying new things that I have always put on the back burner. It's about following through on what I said I would do, instead of letting being busy and tired rule my mindset.

For so long, I've let excuses rule me, fully taking responsibility that that was my decision. Now though, that I have the ability to do what makes me happy, and take time for exploration, I'm fully embracing the journey that I'm taking. This move was much more than a need to live somewhere new, it is about finding the way of life that I want to embody.


Montana is simple, beautiful, easy-going, natural and full of life. This is what I what I desire, what I strive for not on the outside, but on the inside. Looking for peace in all the wrong places, only brings more stress and anxiety for me. Taking on more, not finishing things, feeling the need to continually be going because without doing so, you won't succeed.

Success is always on our own terms. Our lives are designed on our own accord, though I'm thankful for what I have and have been given, I want to take this time to slow down, process and assess my next move. I don't have to DO or BE anything that I don't find my truth in, so here in Montana, I choose to LIVE and SEE where things bring me.

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How Personal Development is Changing My Mindset

I always found Personal Development to be for those who needed help, for those who felt something was missing. What I didn't want to accept was that I couldn't help myself, by myself. My mental health wasn't improving, and I needed to do something about it. I needed to find other ways to channel out all of the energy, doubts, thoughts, constant buzz going on in my head.

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I found a community that supports me, I've started journaling, practicing self-care, reading numerous books - mind you none that are telling me how to live my life, but rather to think outside of what I thought my world consisted of. I had been stuck inside my own head for so long, and the outside world was controlling me. My job was sucking all of my energy, and I couldn't fight against it. I couldn't do this because I felt I was letting others down, I felt that if I didn't live my life a certain way then I was failing not only myself, but everyone who supported me.

So, I had to make a change. I had to accept where I was and what I wanted the future to look like. I have a hard time giving myself a five year plan, for loving organization and planning, I don't want to limit myself, as I do have so many passions.

This past year, I fit all of these needs to explore my passions into a short amount of time, feeling I had to figure it all out this year, or I would continue to be stuck. Turns out trying to do 20 different things is more than overwhelming, it's pretty much impossible. It makes it even more hard on myself to figure out what makes me happy.

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I am brain dumping daily, I'm reading daily, I'm cutting back on TV time, I'm fueling my body, I'm learning what works and doesn't for me, and most of all I'm accepting that I am in control of what makes me happy, even if it doesn't make sense to others.

This is just the start of my journey. I have felt lost for a long time, not fully understanding what the next step could possibly be for someone who feels such a strong connection to so many passions. It is still difficult to fully put into words how I feel, but I am moving forward. Finding these tools has changed my life, and I will continue to learn and grow from them.

I have a lot of background to unveil here, for myself, for my future, for my next career move. I have a lot to create, to help others who have felt the same way as myself, because I am here for much more than myself, but I have to remember to pour into others I must fill my own cup.

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Personal Journey

Hi there!

Here it is, my first post on my own personal blog. I am so excited to be here and sharing my thoughts and ideas with you all. I am so glad you're here!


I aim to share what's on my heart, what I am passionate about and to keep record of my own growth and memories. I feel words and images coexist, and want to maintain my memories with more feeling than just smiling faces. I have been multi-passionate since before I knew the words existed. I run a flower blog and am starting an event design company. Here is for the things I love, the people I love, and to help people.

This personal blog is also for my virtual assistant and fitness mentorship, as well as my personal experiences. I am here to try new things that inspire me, share wonderful memories, personal growth and the beauty the world holds. I have always felt that I have had to fit into a mold or I would be disappointing someone else, never thinking about myself.

Creativity is so important to me, and I want to have jobs that push me and make me think. I don't want to fall into the trap that I must live a traditional life : go to work, pay bills, save money, repeat until I'm retired. Well, that isn't for me, in fact it gives me great amounts of anxiety - not living my life to the fullest. 


So, today I'm here to accept the fact that I can be so much more than what my job title is. I can help people, learn new things and better myself in the process. This only gives me the clarity and joy to create for my other passions.

Things I love: I am floral obsessed, love to be outside craft/DIY, sew, calligraphy, fitness, bake/cook and am a true plant lady.


I am just so excited to start this journey to continual self-discovery. I am always fearing failure, but I am pushing past these thoughts and growing my confidence.

Comparison is the thief of joy.
— Theodore Roosevelt

Goals are a huge part of my mindset change and growth for myself personally, financially and creatively. I have always been more of an introvert, and not wanting others to be involved in my personal life, but this journal of sorts is just the beginning of a huge step forward. 

Cheers to during your dreams into plans and plans into action.

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