Movin' to Montana

Can't sum up the past week better than with a listen of this song. This move has been quite relaxed, even with filling both of our cars and a Uhaul trailer to the brim and traveling North 10 hours and hundreds of miles later.

Montana is what we thought we were getting in Colorado when we moved from our home state of Michigan. Big sky, lots of room to explore, fresh air, and a laid back lifestyle. Though we learned A LOT about ourselves and each other in Colorado, Montana is what we always desired when we headed west for the mountains.


Already, we have purchased kayaks, Kurt has a job lined up, I'm interviewing, and the house is mostly unpacked. While we ACTUALLY prepared to leave Colorado, unlike when we left Michigan, it just has been so easy-going, unlike when you enter Denver and C-470 and I-25 meet, holy traffic batman.

I feel at ease here, something my mind hasn't felt since I left home for college, 7 years ago, um..where has the time gone?

With this move, I'm already seeing an energy that had been lost for so long. My mentality is positive, my confidence is high, and I am ready to "make something of myself." Not that I haven't been successful, but for so long I have desired to be successful on my own terms.


To me this means, more quality time with Kurt, friends and family. It means more self-reflection and love, taking care of my needs not without thinking of others, but focusing on pouring into myself before I can give back. It's about spending time outdoors, facing fears, and trying new things that I have always put on the back burner. It's about following through on what I said I would do, instead of letting being busy and tired rule my mindset.

For so long, I've let excuses rule me, fully taking responsibility that that was my decision. Now though, that I have the ability to do what makes me happy, and take time for exploration, I'm fully embracing the journey that I'm taking. This move was much more than a need to live somewhere new, it is about finding the way of life that I want to embody.


Montana is simple, beautiful, easy-going, natural and full of life. This is what I what I desire, what I strive for not on the outside, but on the inside. Looking for peace in all the wrong places, only brings more stress and anxiety for me. Taking on more, not finishing things, feeling the need to continually be going because without doing so, you won't succeed.

Success is always on our own terms. Our lives are designed on our own accord, though I'm thankful for what I have and have been given, I want to take this time to slow down, process and assess my next move. I don't have to DO or BE anything that I don't find my truth in, so here in Montana, I choose to LIVE and SEE where things bring me.

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