What Is Being Multi-Passionate All About?

Being multi-passionate is recognizing that you will never choose to be just ONE thing in this life. It's the feeling that you've switched majors multiple times in college. The feeling that maybe this isn't ALL that I want my life to be. Feeling drawn to several different subjects, but not understanding how they could possibly all connect?

Well, that's me, like I'm sure so many others, and I battle with the desire to be way more than just one thing. I go from being extremely involved in a number of things to limiting myself to a few, and honestly, I'm still figuring out this balance of "having it all."


Here's the thing, I feel exceptional overwhelm when I am not BEING certain things, but I feel that way because I don't WANT to be those things. I often feel so overwhelmed being "multi-passionate." I don't know what that entails or what my next move will be. All I do know is that I want to help others feel PRESENT.

I enjoy staying busy, and having multiple projects, but I feel fearful of being a failure and if I keep trying new things and falling short, it is just a continued cycle that I cannot break. This is where I am right now, working on my self-awareness of this fear and breaking the cycle.

Things I've thought about becoming: Florist, Calligrapher, Artist, Horticulture Therapist, Website Developer, Creative Director, etc. 


I could go on, but I'm finding in due time, that I've sort of forced my hand at being a number of these things. Letting the fear of my own knowledge and power dictate where I want to end up. Yes, I want a BIG life, but when it comes down to the details, I'm like so many others - I want to help others feel good in their skin.

I'm scared to figure out exactly what this means. I'm scared of wasting time, effort, and money. I'm scared no one will see me as more than a fraud, which I sometimes feel I am. I'm not different than most, so why should I be allowed to play into all of my interests?


I suppose it plays into my own self-awareness of seeing myself for what I am, multi-passionate. I'm excited for the future, I'm hopeful, I feel a sense of power in where I am headed. I'm thankful for NOT being perfect and realizing so.

I'm working a job I never expected of myself, but it's teaching me humility and patience. I'm taking time to figure out how to be a better mentor and to connect with those who feel similarly. I'm working on my own well-being and consistency. 

Here I am, working on being happy, not necessarily successful in what society deems, as being so. Right now, I'm Kristen. Mentor, Life Coach in training, GIS Technician, Writer, Reader, Avid Hiker, Gardener Wanna Be, Simple Living Advocate and most importantly Human.

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